2012 awakening and ascension: 50 signs of spiritual awakening

- Ability to learn new concepts, or languages rapidly increases …this stems from opening to all your soul record and remembering who you are
- Making a conscious effort to connect to people through the eyes and the heart
- Increasing Gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries)
- More frequent flashes of ‘inner-tuition’, or intuition
- Disconnection from the white noise and negative information (TV and radio)
- Seeking holistic health care practitioners as partners in your healing journey…no longer seeking a doctor to “fix you” with prescription drugs
- A feeling of being grounded to the core of the earth.
- Knowing that these places within your body are showing you about areas of great opportunity for growth on all levels.
- Paying attention to the places of pain/restriction in your body in order to move into them!
- A sense of your own power to create with thought, words, and actions
- Activating grace and fluidity of movement through posture and breath
- An increasing ability to access inner peace in the lower chakras
- Heightened senses of hearing, smell and taste
- Becoming more aware of how your body moves through space
- An increased interest in exercising in ways that honour your body – mind – spirit connection
- A feeling that something has changed within you
- You begin to look younger experiencing more vitality
- Seeking new friends and groups who are interested in the Integrated life of the spirit (meaning balance in mind-body-spirit)
- Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you. Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you.
- Greater understanding of symbols, numbers and sacred geometry
- Increasing sense of empathy and connection with all people & animals
- An increasing willingness to show your emotions to all people, rather than cover up and hide your true self
- An increased humor; the ability to laugh at the self
- Feelings of bliss when experiencing simple things, such as a sunset, or a seeing a beautiful cloud formation
- A returning ability to allow your tears to flow in situations of emotional intensity
- Letting go of the need to control outcomes
- Giving yourself permission to follow your heart’s desires
- I can and I am becoming your key words, rather than I can’t and I am not
- Offering from the heart to help others in times of need, knowing that you are helping yourself
- Increasingly seeing the Divine in the mundane
- Meeting new people in serendipitous ways and knowing that this is divine direction in your life
- Loving yourself as you are without the need to qualify
- Asking for and receiving confirmation from your guides on a regular basis
- Experiencing true surrender to Divine Will without feeling victimized by your own choices
- Remembering your dreams and knowing what your spirit is telling you through the symbolism of your dreams
- Seeing the beauty in each and every person in your life
- Letting go of expectations of how you think things -should be- and accepting them as they are
- Being led by spiritual intuition rather than limited by emotional fear
- Being able to transcend limited perceptions of incarnate dimension
- Seeing your life experience in the holographic reality of your soul
- Feeling God within your body – an awareness of heat coming from your hands and feet.
- Knowing that your are home now and in every Now you create
- An increase in occurrences of coincidence, better known as synchronicity, favourable people and beneficial circumstance start to appear with exactly what you need. Answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages. Synchronicity is a sign you are on the right track and that you are aware of these miracles happening around you. The more you notice and take heed, the more they appear so show appreciation for the guidance you are receiving.
- You simply feel different, you may not look any different but you know something has changed internally.
- Paying more attention to the details of daily life – your old ways are falling by the wayside and the real you is starting to emerge.
- A desire to enroll in a classroom of “higher” learning. Going to new places and moving outside of your comfort zone
- For many of you, this is allowing yourself to ask questions in groups, to talk to “strangers” and to let go of your fears of looking uninformed in front of others.
- new work
- A feeling that you are somehow different, with new skills and gifts emerging, especially healing ones.
- Increased integrity, you realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth.
- A knowing sense of connectedness / Oneness. You have an abiding knowing from within of the intrinsic inter-relatedness of everything, both living and non-living. You have a sense that now your life is a living manifestation of this Truth, and that you are It — as are all people
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awakening info for year 2012, did you awaken?


all one

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreamins is to be aware you are dreaming
you can now control your simulation fully
transcend all limitations
there are no limitations to the mind

I've been flying around in my dreams all life from 3 years old to 28 now, also demons in them all life, they can take many forms
like black birds, or demons flying in air tring to kill me.

Face your demons alwys, dont run away
they cant hurt you

they can only look scary...

Nothing can hurt you if you love

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Indigo means to have a purple aura / to be an old soul, but it is just a name, other names are lightworker, old soul, hippie, psychic,... it is your actions that count, not what you call yourself. Always remember this.
Any lightworker or old soul will share lots of common symptoms, often just referred to as indigo
Indigos have to heal themselves before they can heal others, as they self harm often
They often think negatively too, they have to learn to clean both their actions,body and mind

Note: You do NOT have to be Indigo to be an old soul, you can be an old soul and having learned nothing except a few basic things
you will feel old and not belonging here if you are an old soul probably
you will likely be able to associate with most indigo signs, as fitting to your personality to some great extent

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Accept the love of god, Live for god, Spread the love

Just remember….

Not this body
Everything is illusion
I was dreaming all my life
I need to wake up
This is not real…

- The lucid dreamers watchwords :-)
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