The truth about abductions, why:

demons rule our goverments
they harvest all souls on earth for energy
we are like a battery to them

around 40-50pct of earth is being harveted most of time

the reason it doesn't mean global war is that the demons can only influence people indirectly , they are multidimensional

so they can only tempt people

people who are possessed have lost most of their will

so the will be sex addicted, drug addicted, have many addictions and intense anger at anyone, even their family or animals

50% or so of mordern society is possessed, but the demons can not override every action of theirs
they're usually only partially possessed

so they may think it is a good idea to ridicule you, hate you, group against you, but still within normal laws

fully possessed people are the people who commit manslaughter etc.
luckily not so many of those

that's the crazy ones, and also a reason many schizophrenics hear voices, there is a spiritual element to many mental illnesses
soul loss also known as possession

these people have lost their soul and free will
they are harvested for energy and the demons can control these people to do bad actions in our world

- take top leader positions
- create destruction in world
- hate all that is good (destroy all good progress in humanity)
- control people as much as possible via laws etc.

this text is made by someone who had a dna activation by the aliens in 2012
pleiadians told me to mention this, they are one race of ets out there to help humanity, in the federation of light together with the acturians which I also resonate with

there are many more races than this, but they are all extradimensional in nature

this means that the ufos you see in the skies are not real ufos of the good aliens usually
the good aliens can only be seen with your 3rd eye in dreams or if you open it and stay very spiritual , in this reality.

it is not easy to open third eye, people on unity consciousness can see these ships
everyone else can't really
these people understand we manifest our own reality, and that humanity is awakening globally

at some point in time we will automatically connect with the ets, because earth is evolving
2012 was a marker point, intense change was launched

all people will at a time in their evolution realize we are all one and connected throughout the universe
many dimensions, many realities
each has their own reality
but you can telepathically connect with anyone in the cosmos, living and dead too

the soul has a natural progression, so some time in everyones evolution, they will meet the good aliens
when their vibration holds the highest of truth and light

when they treat others like themselves, then it is possible to meet the good light beings
to get there requires no addictions in ones life usually

this is not easy

most earthlings are addicted to:
- cigs
- sex
- drugs
- prescription drugs

these drugs robs the person of their spirit / soul and make them unable to access their spirituality

the demonic forces knows this, this is why there is mass media brainwashing via tv and radio etc about sex, world is polluted by sex
sex is the lowest of the spiritual chakras, there are 7 chakras or energy points
each pertaining to its own reality and abilities

so be good to each other, and the good aliens will reveal themselves in time
it is already scheduled, because time is an illusion

they are us in the future!
all is one

End of pleiadian transmission, 2016-03-13

This is why:
- the good ets come in your dreams usually, the astral realms of higher vibration (you are not tied to your physical vessel here)
- good ets activate your dna
- they activate your light body , but it is you who must do the work
- people who chose to come here to be activated and change and rebel to change the world will get activated
- other people can get there without activation, activation just speeds up things

one soul, onelove
it is the same soul in all

so if you want spiritual, you have to chose carefully in your life
and be good to others

Learn meditation and serving others