The optimal Salvia smoking guide - Salvia Divinorum
- A quest into your mind!

This document contains:

Salvia smoking howto list
My salvia experience
Salvia experience retrospection
Quid guide
Where to find extract salvia 20x
Salvia Cuttings (where to buy)
Environment for tripping (setting)

Salvia smoking guide for beginners

1. Smoke 20x extract, optimal strength vs amount of smoke , do not take higher as that is for very experienced shamans
2. Use bong - joint won't work
3. Use torch lighter , normal lighter won't work
4. Use bonghead shield
5. Use a SOBER SITTER - you often walk around/fall on salvia, could be very dangerous if alone!!
6. Lay down always, no music on - music gives bad trips on salvia
7. Dim the light in the room and relax
8. Don't worry, ready to trip, be open for any input, go with the flow

if you dont hold it 25-30seconds that hit is wasted, it will not work, salvia must be hold for long to be absorbed.

20x will take you out of your body everytime, no room etc, 20x can be plenty scary

dont be afraid, if respected 20x will be very pleasant even out of body

DMT produces out of body everytime too

respect the salvia plant/spirit , do not use to get high, use to learn about yourself, bring the wisdom back to heal others
to heal others you must respect others and yourself
to heal others you must moderate your life
to heal others you must be humble
to heal others you must respect the plant everytime you use it, or any psychedelic compound you use to receive from "the other side"

respecting salvia also means not overusing it
if you travel out of your body once a day you might never get back to this dimension

the more severe effect a compund produces the less often you shoul doften take it

I personally find I can only take salvia once every 2 years or so

Feel your own body and mind, only smoke when 'that world' calls you to go into there
use what you receive for doing good in this world
make your preparations and good stuff in this world before using again!

Salvia facts:

Salvia is from sage/mint family
Salvia is chewed orally or smoked in a bong, joint won't work
produces strong psychedelic effects, almost like LSD just with less positive feelings, strong hallucinations

Do not take carelessly!
Is a very strong psychedelic that can alter your future for the better, -or for worse..

above 20x extract is only for very experienced SHAMANS

a shaman is not afraid, can not be afraid
unless you are a shaman you shouldn't venture there..

it would almost be foolish, but you can try - it can be dangerous

use the right dose, better less than more

5x-20x is recommended, in a medium to medium-high dose

do not take a high dose of 20x , it can overwhelm most people.... a lot, for many years after

Take what you feel is right for you, if you feel a dose is right, do it
but do not give other doses they are not ready for...

Medium or Medium-high of 20x will do most people fine!

My Salvia experience

I have used salvia maybe 20-30 times total, my friends have also used.
They have never used any other psychedelic. I have tried a few more (shrooms and acid).

I have stopped using psychedelics and I now work as a clairvoyant in my local city, to help people realize themselves / their soul. I try and help them to become whole with the help from spirit.

I use meditation now as my drug, but I cannot say I will never use salvia again
I would like to have my own plant one day maybe.

I have learned valuable lessons from salvia, not in the trip,but afterwards
my I disappeared, I was a new person
reborn, no sense of self, but a sense of unity with all around me

everything was clear, everything was perfect, everything was as it really is, spiritual and perfect
spiritual soul in a spiritual body

every living being equally perfect and spiritual

I now notice the soul in all living, Salvia and other psychedelics have greatly opened my once very closed eyes.

I have also studied science at university for 4 years.

The way to use psychedelics is to let go, do not use to "get high" or "know the whole universe"
if you use them like that they will teach you a bad bad lesson.

Psychedelics are guides for your spirit and soul, spiritual guides that can help us here on earth

They give their view so that we can view it for ourselves that way and see that our own view was often flawed, there are realized beings that help through these plants

Salvia, mushrooms etc. can be very spiritual and are sacred, use what you gain with great respect for humanity.

Spread the love.

My salvia retrospection

All in all:
I can only recommend salvia, both to shamans - will be much better for you than Datura most likely, less dangerous probably as it cannot kill you.
can also recommend it to normal people for opening your eyes, but you must be very respectful of it

else it will give you a lifelong bad lesson

Salvia is nice to everyone who treats it with respect, but those who don't are taught quickly

I have tried both quid method and smoking it, both on several occasions, both are nice
but I dislike the very bitter taste of quid.

quid+ grav bong of normal leaves will have good effect

and a nice long effect compared to smoking it normally, it lasts 30mins!

acid like visuals , bending of floor and room etc. may happen, and a very very releaxed state, stoned like state.

trance like state.

I have found that I rarely receive In The Trip, but after the trip
after the trip everything is just clear, I see what I need to do
I teach others often too - when I feel I can and they need it / it is right to do

I feel guided often in my life.

And I feel happy each day for past many years since after using salvia/mushrooms, they turned my life around
I can only recommend these wonderful drugs to everyone

A shame they now have been banned in the Netherlands, they have potential to cure depression very easily, after 5-10 times, most psychedelic drugs have.
I know, since I have an almost shamanic connection to my inner self now, I meditate, I teach others now
Before I ridiculed others all my life - rarely - but I did.

They turn people's lives around these drugs. I did, however, see others as myself my whole life almost, these drugs just helped me be more in tune with myself and others around me.

To live for a greater purpose in life.

If you want to respect salvia most, do not smoke it - smoking is disrespecting both your body and the spirit too the real shamans that used salvia said
all I know is it is disrespecting your body a little...
Smoking hurts your body, especially taking 30 second bonghits... hurts the lungs for life, might even give you lung cancer in worst case

chewing is much safer for body, and gentler

Salvia should probably be about relaxation, not about getting high, but it certainly can be a lifelong funny trip reminder
I remember my trip like yesterday, was very funny, one of my best trips ever

in this regard it is very much like a lucid dream, you perceive it as real and you remember it like 1minute ago always
so always respect salvia, you dont want to remember a bad trip your whole life..

meditation and chewing is probably better, more gentle, and you get to use the very calm relaxation after the session
you gain clarity, awareness !

that is all you need in your life, the downside is that the love with salvia is not always as great as with mushrooms

but it can give love - to inexperienced users it can give great confusion too

I do not recommend salvia often to the inexperienced, but can be done once or few times with trusted sitters!

How to make a salvia quid

Roll 20-30 leaves into a ball, squeeze them together

wash them, that removes most of the taste, water wash

they will still be bitter

hold in the cheek of your mouth and chew rarely, for 30minutes

it will hit after 25-35minutes

you will get dizzy, lightheaded, relaxed, calm, and fade out into the new dimension

Have something you want to work on when you enter Salvia realm, what are you dissatisfied with yourself with in this world? what would you like to make better about yourself or the world?

what do you want to heal in yourself?
do you feel happy in your life?

Where to find salvia extract (20x) organic standardized?

You should buy standardized, that is your guarantee for a no-kitchen chemicals extraction, and for a standard potency throughout the batch, you don't want too much of salvia by mistake once!

Salvia is a very powerful psychedelic, just 0.1g too much can send you to another moon in another dimension get a cheap china scale though, $20 with postage on , I recommend ther miligram scale

Do not buy higher than 20x standardized Salvia extract, it is only for Highly Experienced Shamans. Can be dangerous to go higher than 10-20x Salvia, even 10-20x should be treated with uttermost respect. Always have a sitter with you! Many people fall while smoking or walk around, you could set your house on fire in worst case if you drop the bong when alone.

A trip lasts 5-20minutes, where you are not in the room/aware, so anything can happen if you don't keep a sitter.
Always keep a sitter, or smoke lightly when laying down.
If you sit up there is always a great risk of falling. Laying down is how Salvia likes to be smoked it seems.
Lets you explore Salvia space right away on much smaller doses too.

Where to find salvia cuttings:

here (NL salvia)
here (UK salvia)
here (USA salvia) might have them too

I also recommend san pedro/peruvian torch, they are great teachers, which can turn around your life a lot too
People have used these for centuries as well just like Salvia
These plants are here to heal; unlike weed which can just get you high and funny - these plants will force you to face your fears, they are not always pleasant, rarely in fact so, but they will give you clairity of mind afterwards - a new life approach, they will give you more love after all!

Trip for the love.

Salvia trip environment , music and setting

A real psychonaut knows the words set,setting,dose.
These are always important.

Set, where is your mind at when you trip - only trip when you are in good mood, or ready to learn / face your fears in life.

Setting, trip the right place for your drug - salvia is best with sober sitter and laying down.

Dose , use right dose or trip gets bad - with salvia , do not take high doses unless you are a SHAMAN , do not take over medium-high 20x dose before having tripped at least 20 times.

Best setting for salvia is :

- inside
- 1 sober sitter you really trust , avoid more people , avoid strangers, avoid partys
- no noise in room
- no music in room , music can give bad trip very easily, confuses you in trip - hurts in the trip too!!
- lay down
- only trip when in good mood, on a good day

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: THE LOVE GROWS BY GROWING YOUR OWN SALVIA PLANT AND CHEWING IT! you learn to take care for your plant, and it will teach you get one on one of the links above, salvia cutting

Salvia: seer's sage, wisdom sage, treat it with respect
A good Datura alternative, it will not kill you, but it will not be disrespected either - it can kill your psyche easily, be careful with doses.

I like Salvia, it was an eye opener, not something you do much - almost impossible to get addicted to,
but something to treat with respect too as it can reset your psyche completely else. It is an especially beautiful houseplant.

Here's my meditation setting , when I use salvia rarely

burning sage - for the setting, brings positive and good spirit
salvia quid or smoke
if I use quid I sit up and meditate, else I lay down and relax with closed eyes

these are the best ways I have found to use salvia, sitting up and smoking extract is dangerous, you can fall easily.

I rarely go to salvia land without an intention, I usually go there when I feel I need to it is rarely pleasant... but afterwards I feel I gained clairity in my mind and wonder why I didn't go there before
An intention could be to bring love back to heal others, or to heal myself from negative thoughts / life trouble lately.

Psychedelic plants are great healers, they will often make people quit daily weed usage/quit weed completely, because they feel it is wrong now. They will often quit smoking completely too after one session. They don't feel like poisoning their body anymore. Alcohol and food / other addictions are often reduced after a few sessions. New viewpoint on life , more optimistic. Mushrooms can cure depression - I am not too sure on Salvia yet, because it introduces much confusion, it is not in the class with the rest of the psychedelics.
Mushrooms, LSD, Mescaline can heal the psyche - too bad they are illegal today. People only want to "get smashed" in their mind instead of "tuning in"
They have much greatness to offer mankind, I hope who ever has access to these will share with the world as much as they use them themselves.
The love should be spread, because it brings even more love
- a 29 year old former psychedelic user

Psychedelics open your eye to what meditation can offer you. All the benefits with less downtime. Tripping is both a valuable and fun experience still though, no matter how negatively society looks at it. It will help you find your inner child and love in your life again for sure.

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