Signs of being an Indigo (indigo child/indigo aura / old soul)

- Are Intelligent, very knowledgeable with computers and new technology. May not have had good grades in school.
- Usually feel like royalty, and show it. Has a sense of "deserving to be here with a purpose in life".
- Have a burning desire to do something to change the controlling systems and improve the world.
- Are very creative. Usually in different forms of art. Painting, sketching, acting, photography and especially music.
- Have a random mind style with a unique way of behaving. Jumping around in conversation and starting many different projects at once. Might have been diagnosed ADD/ADHD.
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- Are never shy in telling you what they think or want. Like to ask "WHY?" about alot of things.
- Dislikes repetitious work. Such as school, chores, and service-oriented jobs. They try to resist authority and caste systems of employment.
- Most have or would rather have leadership positions. They like to work alone, rather then a team.
- May have experienced early depression. This may have been from just moderate sadness to utter suicidal despair.
- Have a strong intuition. Are able to tell when a person is lying or has an ulterior motive.
- Are emotionally sensitive. It can go from crying at any moment, to shutting off completely, with no emotions at all.
- Are Physically sensitive. Sensitive to certain drugs and medicines. Also sensitive to processed foods, additives and pesticides.
- May be electrically sensitive. May have lights burning out or appliances malfunction when walking near them.
- Are currently having trouble with systems they consider old, ineffective or broken. For example, the political, educational, medical, and legal systems of their country.
- May have trouble with temperament and rage.
- Angry at Big Brother watching them and their rights being taking away.
- Sexually, indigos are very expressive and inventive, or may reject sexuality all together out of bordem or for spiritual reasons.
- Deep empathy for others, but are intolerable of stupidity and ignorance.
- Some start having interest with spirituality fairly young, with psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghost, deceased family members, out of body experiences, and hearing voices.
- May have awareness of parallel realities and other dimensions.
- Have a desire to seek meaning to their life and to have understanding about the world. Many seek this through religion or spirituality.

and the most obvious sign. never felt good in ones body, like not belonging on earth, not wanting a material life, remembering source/being out of body, very active dream life / astral travels

this is where the self harming comes into play, tries to compensate for the indigo's sensitive nervous system, they can be very sensitive to other people's emotions,actions,noise,food,allergy,pollution,...

they never fit in their whole life
just a sign of being an old soul nothing more, indigo is just the name for the aura color...
it means to be spiritually in tune, but not always to be aware of being spiritual... therefore the self harm

indigo child symptoms - how many do you have?, are you an old soul?

Indigo means to have a purple aura / to be an old soul, but it is just a name, other names are lightworker, old soul, hippie, psychic,... it is your actions that count, not what you call yourself. Always remember this.
Any lightworker or old soul will share lots of common symptoms, often just referred to as indigo
Indigos have to heal themselves before they can heal others, as they self harm often
They often think negatively too, they have to learn to clean both their actions,body and mind

Note: You do NOT have to be Indigo to be an old soul, you can be an old soul and having learned nothing except a few basic things
you will feel old and not belonging here if you are an old soul probably
you will likely be able to associate with most indigo signs, as fitting to your personality to some great extent

you are NOT from space as the only one, we're all from space technically. Not our bodies. Indigo just means someone who has an indigo aura! - spiritually intuned, which will give them lots of physical problems on this earth, and also help them raise the vibration of the planet You can be spiritual without being an indigo, only if all the symptoms match or you have an indigo purple aura may you be an indigo most likely.
Some clairvoyants will be able to see your aura, or feel you being an indigo from your energy.

If you have had lots of trouble in your life and careless about yourself much of your life along with these symptoms you most likely are an indigo. Self harming with drugs, cutting, not fitting into society (losing jobs and home) is likely for indigos.

A lightworker is a bit different here, a lightworker has had lots of problems too, but they usually don't self-medicate very much, they usually fit in really well with all people all their life - even though isolated a bit. They get along with everybody in life. Lightworker is usually something you become after some time, indigo is how you are born.
They are a bit alike, can be hard to discern from each other.


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