Signs of being an indigo child

light sensitive - my eyes hate light sometimes, even computer monitors
electric gadgets sensitive (computers,tvs,...)
extreme noise sensitivity
prescription drug sensitive, very intense reactions to most prescription pills
lower body temperature that confuses doctors
love animals, but find it hard to be around them due to allergies
empath abilities
psychic intuition regularly
sleep paralysis experiences whole life
demonic,entity experiences in dreams whole life

sensitive to people and large crowds
sensitive to some food , body reacts to them

out of body experiences

flying in my dreams all life

remember my purpose, dedicated my life towards my soul purpose

never fit in, doesn't think like others , fit in with 1% of people
fear of doctors, avoidance of doctors
fear of heights
taught my parents stuff from I was 5 years old and all life, old in mind

any signs and symptoms missing of being an indigo? write below then...