Life in Prison for running online drug market Silkroad, judge convicts Ross Ulbricht
Ross Ulbricht Life in Prison

A California hippie and a physics graduate just having graduated from california state university with a master's in physics has been convincted to life in prison This has spread all over the world. Katherine Bolan Forest, judge on the case, has just convicted this young man to life in prison for running an online anonymous market place on his pc. People do not understand why Why would a good citizen with a good family and reputation and never done anything wrong as a citizen be convicted to Life in Prison you may ask? The answer is the Silk Road. Ross Ulbricht, has been the founder of this drug empire as they call it. The feds busted the Silk road in 2014 and since then they have tried to find out just how many drugs it sold. It was a totally free market like Ebay, based on the anonymous currency Bitcoin, and the geek alternative to ebay. A totally free market where users could remain anonymous and thus sell anything not allowed by law. The anarchist marketplace online Here's a screenshot of the Silkroad in operation... The drug marketplace Katherine Bolan Forest judge: Ross Ulbricht life in prison for drugs On that place was sold guns, hitmen and drugs initially. But later on the hitmen and guns were removed as they had a policy of only 'things that do not hurt others' So the Silkroad started getting internationally known as the 'drug place' Millions of transactions came quickly For here the drug sellers could sell their products anonymously Ross ulbricht has been given the hardest sentence in the country, due to felony to transport drugs. Ross ulbricht is now yet another victim of the USA's insane drug laws. Life in prison for a drug that hurt noone. Ross ulbricht was found guilty of trafficking up to 10mg og LSD and other drugs too. At his place they found LSD. The way Ross ulbricht was traced and busted by the FBI was a long run. It took them years to trace him. The Tor protocol that the Silk road operated on was a totally new invention that allowed him to stay anonymous and untraceable. But he made one mistake, that many criminals do. He spoke too loud about his place. When he created the site , he had spoken on from his real home ip about a similar project to the Silk Road. Thus the fbi were able to track him. If he hadn't made that grave mistake, and had used a VPN instead, he might still be able to serve the world with his anarchist marketplace, and be a drug kingpin multimillionaire. Ross ulbricht's (aka Dread Pirate roberts as he called himself) earned up to 5% of sales on all products on Silk Road. Most products seemed to be drugs in nature. LSD, mescaline, ketamine, hashish and more, ecstasy.... Any drug and you can find it on Silkroad. This place had more drugs than your whole neighborhood together. It was the pharmacy of the world. Any drug imagineable was there. More drugs than your doctor too. Prescribed Doctor meds too. Want morphine? no problem Want heroine? no problem This place simply had it all. it was the gold road. Thereby the name the Silk Road. It is a lonely road into isolation and lawlessness. Since the bust of Ulbricht's Silk Road a dozen new marketplaces have sprung up to take his place. Namely the Agora marketplace on Tor, Dream market and more. What the silk road did was provide users with more pure products. There has never been any deaths involved or tied to the marketplace yet. So Ross Ulbricht got life in prison for a crime without victims. When will the state tyrany end? When will we say no ? Ulbricht, a 31-year-old yoga enthusiast, didn’t fit the image of a traditional drug kingpin, but he was treated like one. Ross Ulbricht had a long education , master's in physics and had just graduated university. One of the hardest degrees to finish due to the math and science work involved. So a solid citizen. Prior to sentencing, Ulbricht’s defense argued that the online drug market Silk Road provided a safer alternative to buying drugs. Ulbricht begged the judge to leave “a small light at the end of the tunnel” by giving him a lenient sentence. Those pleas fell on unsympathetic ears. “I don’t know that you feel a lot of remorse,” Judge Katharine Bolan Forrest told Ulbricht. Before she sentenced him to life in prison. Ross Ulbricht pleaded for a shorter sentence and to 'leave light at the end of the tunnel' as he was only around 28 years old and a graduate from university with good family life. He said that the Silk Road would provide a safer alternative to drugs for people. But the judge didn't buy it, she thought he would have killed many people with the drugs sold. The drug market place had ratings like on Ebay, thus users could verify how high quality the slelers drugs were. Thus much better chance of a good outcome than on the street where they don't know the drug seller. May peace be with Ross' family. They surely need it now. His mother has started a campaign to get him out of jail , Where his whole family has signed for his release and written about him as a honest, caring and compassionate young man. The complete opposite of what Katherine Bolan Forest (judge on the case) ruled!. Certainly not worth life in prison. In category: Life in prison for nonviolent crime list Non violent crime life in prison Non violent crime life in prison list State injustice Life in Prison sentences for non violent crimes Ross ulbricht life in prison Judge Katherine Bolan Forest USA District court Katherine Bolan Forest judge Katherine Bolan Forest sentences Katherine Bolan Forest professional works Katherine Bolan Forest CV Katherine Bolan Forest Curriculum Vitae (CV) USA Life in prison, for crimes without victims...... USA Life in prison, crime without victims...... USA Life in prison, drug crimes USA Life in prison, victimless crimes Crime without victims Life in prison List of Life in prison sentences USA 2016 17 18 19 20 21 22 crimes without victims Ross Ulbricht life in prison Silk Road, Dread Pirate Roberts Silk Road (the online Tor marketplace Silkroad) State injustice: Katherine Bolan Forrest gives Life in Prison sentences to Ross Ulbricht: the SilkRoad case. ** Life in prison for drugs, what do you think ? Share this article on Facebook. Would you want to live in such a world? ** Punish only what hurts others... Drug crimes are no victim crimes. This case raises many ethical concerns about how we should treat our fellow humans, humans who may have hurt nobody, who we do not understand. We fear drugs. So we punish them for life. People get life in prison for LSD, but nobody has ever died from LSD. People get life in prison for Marijuana, but nobody has ever died from Marijuana.... and it is now legal in the USA! We say people are insane if they smoke marijuna, but it has now come forth in the dawn of light that even famous doctors smoke, and that USA's capital has now made it illegal where they before jailed people for life for selling it. What about Ross Ulbricht? This young man has gotten his life ruined due to the judge Katherine Bolan Forest... Someone take a stand please and complain to her... Don't let this state injustice go unheard. 2016.10.29 "rossub.html" 146L, 6111C [w]

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Life in Prison for Non Violent Crimes (The Ross Ulbricht case)! Gods path?

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The driver of the bitcoin economy closed and supposed owner busted - In 2014, Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent crime, using a nonexistant bitcoin economy. Petitions have been started, his family are pleading for a new court decision. A collection has been started by his family to free him/to afford a Lawyer.