Starsigns in astrology

Here is a list over common starsigns and their personalities
bad and good sides, what they love and hate.
what they do when they feel hurt by others, what they prefer in life.

Sagittarius starsign

Helping, kind
Outgoing / social
Life goal: experience, understand, learn
Didn't always fit in
Lives with the heart
Young at heart all life

Brags about themselves at times
Ridicules other people's beliefs/thoughts at times

"the born optimist"
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Gemini starsign

Loving person
Talks a lot
Very sensitive
Not careful thinker
Intuitive person
Education not highly prioritized in life
Often choses not well thought out choices in life
Optimistic but changing mood - moody
Gives advice to others often
Loves to talk
Tags: #twins #gemini sign

Capricorn starsign

Workaholic (workhorse)
Status seeking
Thinks in time
Sarchastic humour
Old interests
Strongly tied to local culture
Tags: #capricorn #the goat starsign

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What matters in astrology is your Natal Chart, the position and direction of planets with regard to each other at your birth moment.
See what natal chart, ascendant, midheaven etc. means here:
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Your sun sign is your personality. Your moon sign are your emotions. Your ascendant is your rising sign - your inner self (your mask). Your Midheaven is your outer self, what people recognize you for in the world.

My data for me as Sagittarius born 1st dec:

Sun sign: Sagittarius
Moon sign: Cancer
Ascendant: Libra
Midheaven: Cancer

So Sagittarius personality (outgoing,social).
Cancer emotions (clingy personality/friendships - feel other peoples emotions and thoughts intensely , oversensitive).
Libra secret personality and libra problems in life, libra early life. (self injure, balance problems, many life problems, but many are attracted to libra)
People see you as sensitive to feelings and thoughts of others, long for stability.
People recognize you as a Cancer (warm emotions, clingy)
You may be prone to addictions, as your inner life is that of a Libra, self injure/self hurt and addictions are easy temptations for you!
People you meet may help you with that , to be addicted

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