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Pleiadian Agenda - Time For Truth 

Published on Jun 20, 2014

3rd Dimensional Pleiadians: Two arms, two legs, body, head; the
Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much
genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins. If a
Pleiadian were walking down the street, you would all turn and remark
about how they look (they look terrific). You would notice that they're
different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien. That's how
similar physically and genetically they are to you.

9th Dimensional (light body) Pleiadians: We don't display ourselves [to
humans] before you're ready- Because what happens when you view us in
your physical reality is that it shatters your sense of reality, and
there is no putting the genie back in the bottle there. So that's why we
wait until you're at a point where your frequency is high enough where
you can see us..

A video about Billy Meyer. One of the most trustworthy Pleiadian ufo

He has both taken images of them, and gotten many messages...

Lyssa Royal , another real Pleiadian abductee many say..

More stories here by a Contactee:

Don't know stories:

Bob Lazar - claims he is a physicist working at Area 51, seeing many ufos. He looks like a typical physicist, his story has hold up over all the years. Not changed abit. He has intense knowledge about physics only a physicist would have really / be able to speak about so fluent. But his claims about 3-7 hidden ufos seems a bit far out - yet it may be real. Many claim what he claims - that gov hides ufos/techonology and even works with ETs. Bob Lazar also works with very technical physicist stuff and has a company to sell technical tools to institutions like only a physicist would (lasers and stuff). Story seems somewhat trustworthy, he seems trustworthy when listening - but not a lot of evidence, if any. Although they found his 'claimed' element 151 or what it was now. He claims the government erased his credentials, which seems likely - more likely than killing the man to avoid him leaking truth. His master's in electronics or physics has not been comfirmed and this is very strange, it is almost impossible to wipe such out, because the papers have been released, class mates would know him , the whole university would know him and all his professors that still work there. Yet noone confirms that Bob Lazar is real. No evidence. Stan Romanek - claims he is dyslexic , can't read or spell yet wrote books and speaks about his book all the time , got caught with CP on his PC - claims it is a set up (seems likely), but I don't understand why he charges for his story if he is legit - he often speaks about his book. His wife, Lisa Romanek seems to support him and has written a book too. I can't conclude anything from these people so far, because they seem very focused on their book foremost - not wanting to share fully before selling their book it seems. This seems sketchy. At least with Bob Lazar there is no book motivation - and he just shares freely. I believe a real abductee will always share freely, because they are not about service to self but service to others. If I visit Stan Romanek's page there is nothing written , only links to buy his books. I have seen no evidence whatsoever to support his story - and I normally trust people, something seems off with him - but I am not sure about him. I just believe a true abductee would share freely something. See more about Stan Romanek Here: Stan Romanek ufo evidence

Trustworthy stories:

Communion, 1989, the movie A true movie based on a true occurance, pretty scary The book is very interesting to read, and sounds authentic - but judge for yourself. Gave me a very creepy feeling at times due to my own dreams.. I don't relate to it 100% though, but like 70-80% - recognize a lot in it after my dreams which I am unsure of. Betty & Barney Hill Personal accounts from people you know! Ask people you know if they have seen any ufos, people I know have. I have seen 2 in my dreams too, thought it really happened, thought I was awake.

Trustworthy Researchers:

Dr. David M. Jacobs , has written a few popular books after his regression on supposed abductees - which were carefully selected beforehand it seems. These people contacted him himself after lots of problems in their life it seems and they needed an explanation, or they had a strange memory/missing time. Secret Life, The Threat, Walking among us are his book names. The Threat is his most popular one. In these he often speaks about the regressions and how they tell about a hybridization program that is being done carefully by the aliens in certain bloodlines, abduction one family member after the other. But many people are being abducted, he talks about like 5-10% of all people. Millions of people. UFO evidence gets stranger the deeper we go like he says. A very interesting read, and I can recommend his lectures on youtube a lot as well. He doesn't claim to know, he just relays information from his regression sessions on people. He also admits there is no way he could have avoided mistakes - like any good hypnotist. Make your own mind. Good researcher that doesn't conclude anything but just lays details for you. Weak evidence of course - but he admits that too. A good ufo researcher will always admit that any evidence is very very weak. Because our state is good at holding back info, and it seems the aliens are good at erasing our memories, yet we can never trust a hypnotist session fully. So seems we may never get to the bottom until the aliens reveal themselves fully/by mistake in some way likely. They are intensely producing hybrids he seems to say though, so we may soon become aware perhaps. Budd Hopkins, ufo and altered states researcher Other researchers: Leo Sprinkle David Pritchard Scientific research by experts like harvard professor John Mack, MIT Dr. David Pritchard, Dr. David Jacobs, Leo Sprinkle, or Budd Hopkins revealed that at least 4 million people within the USA seem to have been abducted, and that's the most conservative estimate. Only 20 to 25 % of the people that have been abducted, seem to have a conscious recollection of the event, the actual amounts of abductees may even be a lot higher. Search youtube for "alien abductee" and you will find many credible stories, and much disinfo too Watch out for 3-letter agencies trying to spread misinformation. Watch out for ego-people doing ego talk to try to spread their own fear. Dr. David M. Jacobs is truly the most interesting researcher I have listened to so far, with over 30 years of research behind him. He dares, unlike few, to admit that he knows nothing. He is a hypnotist that has hypnotizied hundreds of supposed abductees. It is very interesting stories he has written down. He is the author of the book "The Threat" that I got on my wishlist.

Symptoms of abduction often include:

- dizzy, fainting feeling - time slows down - feeling in an another reality/time/space - feeling unreal - afraid of dying - fear for your life - unexplained nose bleeds - implants - waking up different place than you went to bed, or clothes fitting on wrongly - sudden spiritual interests and psychic intuition in the person - amnesia , as the aliens are good at erasing memories. Most people try to explain their nightmare as culture, demons, entities. Most people have had several encounters according to D. Jacobs. - cosmic awareness / general change in consciousness or feeling a mission one has to do - failed pregnancies - sudden illness, or sudden healing of longstanding severe/permanent ailments (the aliens heal people some claim) - PTSD , post traumatic stress in abductees , due to remembering 'SOMETHING' - yet they can not remember what that 'something' is. They try to compensate, often by joining newage groups locally. anxiety,worries,stress,panick,fear of the dark and objects come with the PTSD often. Isolation, withdrawal from society often results from the PTSD because this feeling keeps nagging them and they tried anything to resolve it without luck (that is one reason for showing up for regression/hypnosis often). - a feeling of feeling 'special' or 'chosen' , without knowing what that means (again a feeling of a mission to do) - We seem to know that abduction seems much more likely if one in your family has been abducted. It is often a bloodline thing. - Not remembering any abduction. But a memory that seems 'strange', very strange - about a ufo, aliens, lights, insect beings or such. - Many supposed abductees start getting a cosmic awareness, awakening, starting channeling the aliens / receiving messages telepathically it seems. This often starts with a feeling of the person's life falling apart, and a new love from within. Knowing the unity of all things, intuition opening up in the person. It seems that what ever these aliens do, they often make people psychic, or people who are psychic have a tendency to meet these beings of light. These people become 'really alternative' often, so much that few people understand them, except other 'awakened people'. These people understand we manifest our reality ourselves and that society lives in fear. Note strongly, that any indication of abduction can be anything else. It is often a strong sign of mental illness too. Only by objective listening to the persons story can we deduct the likeliness of each. A well-functioning human rarely has mental illness. But abduction can also make people a little stressed out/very poorly functioning in society. Many become 'empaths' it is claimed, feeling thoughts and energy from people around them, even through buildings, so if they don't move they get severe pain in their body. Their nervous system had had a boost to make it more sensitive, psychic etc. - maybe alien involvement. Or maybe they met the aliens because they had an awakening experience, which many abductees seem to have had. The more aware we are, the more likely we will meet aliens it seems. As they often seem to reside in extrasensory dimensions. Many people who encountered UFOs through time were healers, psychics, shamans - that had to heal their society. They were the soul healers.

My own ufo dream experiences

I had 2 ufo dreams as mentioned. They were like normal Lucid dreams. Woke up as normal in my bed, couldn't move (sleep paralysis). Got intense feeling of something in my backyard and lights in my room. Sense of panick Kept running around in circles in my room, should I face it or run away through my front door? Felt strongly that I should face it Got dizzy and like fainting I don't remember more, except I couldn't understand why I couldn't think straight, never tried that before in a lucid dream, always got control and can fly around my whole life. Had 2 dreams like this. It was like the UFO was pure fear , like demonic entities usually seem to be. Yet in these the fear only lasted for like 2-3 secs and was replaced with intense curiosity and feeling like I have to face it. So likely not a fear projection. I have a VERY faint memory of opening my garden door slowly and going towards the silver disc. This last part I am not sure about, only the rest I remember 100% like 1min ago still 2 years later. Like it really happened, can't tell it was a dream or how long ago it happened. Can see it in colors in my mind still... There was no picture of any aliens though - never saw any. Only the silver disc on each.

How this all lead me to my mom's ufo abduction story -- and how 'they' healed her from cancer

It was like this... I awakened, I had an extremely detailed ufo dream, and I think I walked towards it while very confused Then after that one I recalled one I had had before that, not sure when, likely 1-2 years before, at same place i lived First recalled it after that dream Then 1-2 weeks after my dream my bro called me about something and said he just saw a ufo near beach he lives and was scared shitless about it, really scared - i had mentioned nothing... he never spoke about this before Then I asked my mom about her dream she mentioned 20 years ago, she confirmed it, with lots of nasty details Strange ufo synchronicity, but no less strange than the 1000s synchronicities i got each day since around my awakening... Nothing works like it used to Mostly electronics that breaks constantly, if i call someone their pc and phone breaks . .. daily in 3 years, but mine did too The ufo "dream reality" im familiar with too one can shapeshift in Any entity can shapeshift to any form there, and you can too. Teleport and manifesting with thoughts is possible too. You can also read minds, and they can read your minds. But it can also be very hard to tell a real entity apart from your own subconscious. If there is 100% fear all the time, it is likely our own subconscious projection. Interesting though that it always seems that reality is a projection of ourselves. At least 90% of the time. So if you often dream about aliens, it could be your DNA is part alien or that your soul is part alien perhaps. Or just that you think a lot about aliens / research it a lot. What we think we become, manifest your own reality. But it seems these aliens may know how to manifest My mom had a dream many years ago, she said they were not physical in form , but light beings... nothing was physical in their ship She had an abduction experience of being pulled through a tunnel of some sort she said and then meeting some beings of light and they operated on her and cured her of some illness she was going to the doc with, the doc said she had cancer and they wanted to operate her The docs said if they didn't operate she wouldn't survive to see her kids grow Next day after that dream it was gone... She had tried everything before that, many alternative meds that cost hundreds of dollars Light beings as a high frequency/vibration she said , so she didn't feel ready to meet them even though they were nice to her she said ... it sounded very strange to me, she won't give any more details really But light beings resonate with myself, because I know that is what we all are. Not this body. I have had a true OBE once.... so I remember, had it when I was 5 years old My moms story has hold up for about 25-30 years now, same story, she had numerous visits she say. She got very specific with date and place and all, so much I wish I had never asked.. Too embarassing to hear about She is also very alternative, into hand healing and crystals all life, like many ufo abductees seem to be. Could be coincidence though. I don't believe her yet. I don't disbelieve either. Just seems hard to believe. I only believe my own eyes, and since I didn't see any aliens or have physical proof from my own dreams I can't believe yet. See also: Abductee traits and symptoms

Share your ufo abduction stories people! - as detailed as possible, I would love to hear all your stories. It is ok not to be sure, because how many of us are really sure ?. I can only remember 10-20% of my dreams.

Here's how to find out if you've been abducted,what a weird ufo dream means... alien dream,greys etc.

Here's some psychology for ya (I'm amateur psychologist) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Analyze emotions in dream (curious,intense panick?) 2. Fear patterns ( fear of death, chased by others/something? , repeating themes?) 3. How did you wake up? , panick? or 'I just had contact tonight I cant believe it!!!!! have to write it down cant believe my eyes!!!, i even want to draw it!' , or 'ill never sleep again, i felt like dying, worst pain of my life, and keep getting dreams from hell of dying, dying each night in my dreams, i fee lthe pain of the world... just woke up bathed in sweat again, heart beating out of my chest:(((.... i PHYSICALLY felt the pain of death, it hurt me so much, and not first time... i can never sleep again!.... so RELIEVED to wake up again.... just like last time.... i can never sleep again.... phew i woke up! just in last minute!'

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