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Mail me for a price.

I send cheaply with postdanmark, postage from 29 DKK ($5).

Do you seek spiritual guidance and healing then visit my other website:
Clairvoyant in Copenhagen -

I also provide crystal healing , it lasts 1 hour and is only possible by you showing up personally in Copenhagen.

You will be born from new afterwards.

peace :)

I sell the following stones:

Rose quarts, calming, releasing of old emotions, opens up for unconditional love for all living, balance in life - heart opening, no fear. Innocense, born from new.
Clear quarts, cleanses, balances all chakras
Amethyst, 3rd eye and crown chakra, spiritual development and clear vision, see through illusions, wisdom, makes one able to see through ones thoughts, high frequency.

I will recommend all 3 together as a package, good for the newly started healing entheusiast, or just for the person who has just found him/herself. It is a good combination to keep balance.
I will also recommend to buy a black tourmanlin, hermatit, red blood stone or such to ground/for protection if you are a healer.

Houseplants and pets, love every morning when you wake up, even on a bad day :)

Cleaning of stones
As stones work on the energyplane, they can both pick up and give off energy, also from earlier owners. As you don't know who has owned the stone before it is a very good idea to cleanse the stone before use, also after every use by yourself as they can pick up your own old negative energies after they heal

People cleanse differently.

Cleanse under cold tap water works fine.
Lay in sun for a few hours works fine too (a few stones cannot tolerate this, but most can)

Depending on how you cleanse, you get a different effect from them, bad effect if you don't cleanse.

Water gives a chilling effect, relaxation
Heat from the sun gives a very calm relaxing effect too

It depends on what the body and soul needs, go by feel.

How are crystals used?
Lay down in your bed and relax, put on relaxing music
Close your eyes and breathe slowly, just relax.
Don't think of anything special, but you can optionally use guided meditation, i.e. heart chakra opening meditations (try youtube).
Hold a stone in right hand or lay on the point you want to heal, i.e. the heart (rose quarts).
Allow yourself to feel what heppens in the body in that point, move focus to that point

Crystals can heal ones feelings and problems/worries.
You will quickly find your way to use the crystals, and find the type of stone that is right for you

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